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Interpretation of dream: Kaleidoscope

In dreams we are able to appreciate the beauty of basic patterns. In a kaleidoscope, any arbitrary pattern of objects shows up as a beautiful symmetrical pattern because of the reflections in the mirrors from which the kaleidoscope is constructed. The patterns, both regular and irregular as seen in nature, can symbolize the patterns and matrices that we make to comfort ourselves in times of self-doubt. The magnification and myriad reflections of the patterns created by small objects as they are tumbled together permits us to recapture the sense of wonder that is felt in being human. We become aware of our own ?smallness? within the larger scheme of things. A kaleidoscope connects us with our childlike selves, and the patterns that such a toy creates reminds us of the Fibonacci perfect ratios that occur in nature, symbolizing the perfection of natural form. Just as a child is fascinated by the pattern that a kaleidoscope creates, so the dream image can introduce us to our own creativity, which can often become trapped. Consult the entries for Colour, Mirror, Mosaic, Reflection and Shapes/Patterns for further information.