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Interpretation of dream: Jungle

The jungle can symbolize spiritual chaos due to its unpredictability. It suggests a rite of passage a journey which must be taken to reach maturity. Psychologically, without the ordering of information that we receive, our minds can simply become a jungle of information. We need to use logic to apply order so that we can make sense of ourselves and our environment. To be trapped in a jungle indicates that we are trapped by negative and frightening feelings from the unconscious, perhaps from those areas which could be considered to be uncivilized. To be conscious of having come through a jungle would indicate that we have passed through, and overcome, those aspects of our lives which we have never dared approach before. The jungle in dreams is an image belonging to mysticism and fairy tales, often representing chaos, which can be either positive or negative depending on the circumstances of the dream. In myths the jungle symbolizes an obstacle or barrier that has to be passed through in order to reach a new state of being. With this meaning it has the same significance in dreams as the enchanted forest. In a man's dream of a jungle he is often helped by a feminine figure his Anima in his search for a clear passage. In a woman's dream she must frequently overcome the negative aspects of femininity before she can reveal her true identity or power. You might also like to consult the entries for Animals and Forest.