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Interpretation of dream: Junction

Because a road is such a potent image in a spiritual journey, a junction has equal resonance. It suggests that there are choices to be made which may well change the whole course of our lives. When in dreams we come to a junction, a joining together of more than one way, we perhaps need to look at what has brought us to this particular point. With this in mind, assessing what happened in the dream, such as hesitating before moving or having the feeling that we are waiting for someone can then be interpreted. Emotionally we may have to wait for others to catch up. Dreaming of a junction presupposes that there is an element of duality in a project. We will have to weigh up the various options and make a decision as to which course of action we should take. If the way is clearly indicated the choice is obvious. If less clearly marked or the way is obscured, there will be other factors to be taken into consideration. You might like to consult the entries for Crossroads and Journey for further clarification.