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Interpretation of dream: Jar

The Ancient Egyptians preserved the bodily organs of the dead in canopic jars to ensure that when the soul returned to the physical realms it had everything it needed. A jar thus symbolizes a receptacle for the Soul. To be conscious of being jarred of being shaken in some way indicates that we are not controlling the way we are moving forward. We are putting ourselves in a position where we can be knocked about, hurt or put off balance. While this may be shocking or upsetting it can also present opportunities for us to gain understanding. A jar very often represents the feminine containing principle, perhaps some aspect of mothering or of conservation which we recognize within our lives. It often has the same symbolism as the vase that is, an article which is beautiful in its own right and also the receptacle for something beautiful or necessary. If the jar is broken, it suggests that something essential has been lost. In a woman's dream a jar will represent her own femininity whereas in a mans dream it is more likely to signify a nurturing nature or need. Also consult the entry for Vase.