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Interpretation of dream: Invade

An invasion in spiritual terms is a desecration of our own spiritual space, that part of us that we hold sacred and normally free from harm. When rendered insecure by too many demands, we can feel invaded and under attack. When we are ourselves invading somewhere in a dream, this presupposes that a degree of force is necessary, particularly on an emotional level. Normally an invasion suggests that there are many aspects involved, which could be feelings, needs or ideas. To invade is to plan an organized movement or takeover and this can have relevance in dreams of a business environment. An invasion suggests a concerted movement against us or, if we are one of the invaders, against a weaker opponent. Dreams of an invading force in a woman's dream suggest a violation of her personal space. In a man's dream he is perhaps more likely to dream of himself as the invader, particularly if he is aware of his partner's sensitivities, whatever their gender. Consult the entries for Armed Forces and Force for further clarification.