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Interpretation of dream: Intruder

Spiritually it is possible to put ourselves in danger of being open to desecration. The Self is a sacred space, but until we understand that it is inviolable, we can be open to challenge. The appearance of an intruder in dreams can indicate this. To dream of an intruder has an obvious connection with sex and threats to one's sexuality. The intruder is also that part of ourselves that does not handle our fears and doubts properly, but makes us feel insecure. In dreams, this figure needs to be challenged. As human beings, we are very conscious of our own personal space. Dreaming of an intruder or prowler indicates that we are feeling threatened in some way. Particularly in women's dreams, the intruder is often masculine, indicating a need to defend ourselves. In a man's dream an intruder is more representative of his unruly side. Also consult the entries for Burglar and People.