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Interpretation of dream: Ink

Ink has significance, particularly in magical practices, when it is used to reflect powers that are outside the norm. In written magical spells it is often important to use particular inks in order to achieve the required results. Spiritually this creates the correct vibration and this concept often surfaces in dreams. On a more intellectual level, ink signifies the ability to transcribe and understand knowledge in a more sophisticated way. When a particular flow of energy or information is needed, ink can symbolize that flow. Since very few people now use fountain pens, the significance of ink on a physical level is no longer quite so valid. As a child, learning the art of handwriting could be difficult and pen and ink thus became ?instruments of torture? and can often appear as such in difficult dreams in later life. Formerly in dreams, ink also suggested the ability to communicate in a lucid fashion. The entries for Paper/Parchment, Pen and Writing will help with further clarification.