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Interpretation of dream: Inject

Spiritually, to find ourselves accepting an injection indicates that we are prepared to create circumstances within ourselves which will help us to progress. More negatively, an injection can indicate short-term pleasure rather than long-term gain. An injection may be an attempt to heal, or to make us better. We may feel that we need external help in order to function more successfully. It will depend on our attitude to conventional medicine whether this is seen as co-operation or resistance. To dream of being given an injection is to be feeling that our personal space has been penetrated. Other people's opinions, needs or desires may be forced on us leaving little option but to co-operate. To dream of giving an injection suggests that we are attempting to force ourselves on other people. Obviously, because an injection is penetrative by nature, such a dream for both men and women may have sexual connotations. You might also like to consult the entries for Needle and Syringe.