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Interpretation of dream: Incest

In legend and myth, incest among the gods and goddesses was an attempt to maintain the purity of the energy. Spiritually, therefore, when we dream of incest we are attempting to purify or keep clear our own power. Since self-image and sexuality are so closely connected, incest in dreams is much more likely to be an effort to sort out our feelings about ourselves than anything else. Dreaming of incest with brothers or sisters may symbolize an attempt to unify the masculine and feminine aspects within us. We are attempting to make a lin kwith the part of our own personality most closely reflected by that person. We can only do this within the safety of a dream. Incest is such a taboo subject that to dream of it seldom actually refers to the physical act. It usually represents the need and desire we have to be in control, either of ourselves or of our relationships within the family. It is possible that incest in dreams occurs because the child has not yet been allowed, or had the opportunity to sort out, his or her feelings so far as the family are concerned. Dreams of incest with a parent for both men and women may be an attempt to sort out, understand and ultimately be free of the early dependent relationship with that parent. Also consult the entry for Sex/Sexual Images.