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Interpretation of dream: Incense

Spiritually, incense is used as a vehicle for prayer and as a symbol for the subtle body or soul. In dreams we can become aware of our need to use spiritual symbolism in our work. When we begin to appreciate the use of incense as part of our daily routine we will often intuitively know through dreams what is appropriate for our purpose. Incense is used in order to raise consciousness, or to cleanse atmospheres and sacred spaces. In dreams, when we become aware of it being used in this way, we need to consider how best to improve ourselves or our environment. Physically, incense is designed to perfume a room. In dreams, it is possible to be aware of the smell of incense, particularly if it has associations for the dreamer. For instance, it may hold childhood memories of church or religious buildings. Also consult the entries for Odour and Smell as well as the information on Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction.