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Interpretation of dream: Immobility

Immobility in the spiritual sense is dynamic stillness. It is The Unconditioned State, or the Self, liberated from the physical. In Sanskrit this is known as pratyhara withdrawal from the external world into the interior self. To be immobilized in a dream usually indicates that we have created circumstances around us which are now beginning to trap us. Often such a dream comes when we are facing the darker side of ourselves that which could be called evil. A superhuman effort needs to be made to overcome what is holding us down. Immobility in a dream can be extremely frightening. A feeling of oppression and of not being able to move usually indicates that we need to sit still and be immobile within our ordinary everyday lives. We need to achieve a kind of stillness which is foreign to most people, and therefore initially frightening, while later on it can be a state of peace and tranquility. Also consult the entry for Paralysis.