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Interpretation of dream: Ill

Lack of spiritual clarity can often be experienced in dreams as illness. We are not putting ourselves in touch with a force that can help us to overcome difficulties. Often when we are ill in a dream we are grappling with part of our personality. Part of us is out of balance and perhaps needs to be dealt with. Often the dream will give the method of dealing with it perhaps by taking medication, having surgery or a combination of both. Illness also often represents our fears of not being looked after properly, our need to be allowed to heal properly. Whatever life has to offer, we may be left with painful memories, feelings of anger and difficulties. In a dream these memories and feelings can surface as illness. Most of the time, such a dream image gives us information as to how we should dealwith the difficulty. Illness that has manifested on a physical level can trigger vivid or frightening dreams. You might also like to consult the entries for Doctor and Hospital.