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Interpretation of dream: Igloo

The feminine principle, in the sense of sheltering and nurturing, is depicted by the igloo. The igloo is interesting as a symbol in dreams. It can equally represent a cold exterior containing a very warm interior, or the coldness of the construction itself. It can appear as though someone is uncaring and, therefore, creating an unloving home environment, although in fact there is warmth within that person. In mundane terms the igloo can represent our own construction, the way in which we fashion our environment in order to work, or rather operate, most effectively. The igloo can often represent the feminine and the womb in dreams. Sometimes, in a woman's dream, it represents frigidity, but at other times the ability of a woman to relax and be herself once her barriers have been overcome. In a man's dream it may represent his own domain or space. You might also like to consult the entries for Buildings and Ice/Iceberg/Icicles.