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Interpretation of dream: Icon

The icon is a small spiritual picture, which symbolizes a greater whole. In dreams it can often represent the threefold aspects of being: body, mind and spirit. For this reason an image received in dreams can often be used as a focus in the use of magic. Usually icons are representations of a belief system and, therefore, portray the way we feel about a number of other issues. In a dream, when an icon appears to have a religious picture but in actual fact it contains pictures of our own family, it indicates the ability to idolize the family. Modern day celebrities are often thought of as icons, people who are to be respected for their positions, perhaps with a power they do not have. Dreaming of any religious symbol usually indicates our very deep connection with old ideas and principles. The icon usually symbolizes the microcosm within the macrocosm that is, the small world reflecting the larger world. The human being often needs something tangible to represent what is simply a principle or a concept, and the icon performs this purpose. The now popular icon in computer use signifies the gateway to an idea and in dreams suggests that a concept can be expanded. Also consult the entries for Celebrity and Magic/Magician as well as the information on Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction.