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Interpretation of dream: Ice

Spiritually, ice symbolizes a part of ourselves that has become frozen and needs to thaw out before we can progress. Ice cream is an image which can be used to signify impermanence. We need to decide if we wish to go for the transitory or permanent. Spiritual isolation - that is, existing in isolation because of the way our lives have gone - can be symbolized by icicles. Ice is also a representation of rigidity, of the brittleness that comes from not understanding what is going on around us, of creating circumstances where people cannot get - or be - in touch with us. Depending on how the ice appears in a dream, it can indicate a state of impermanence. To see icicles melting indicates that the troubles that have been around us will literally disappear within a short space of time. Whether the fault is our own or other peoples, it would appear that outside circumstances give the ability to overcome whatever has been troubling us. When we dream of ice we are usually looking at the emotions. We are aware that perhaps we are colder than we should be, shutting off any display of warmth and compassion. We are thereby enclosing ourselves in a situation from which it may be difficult to free ourselves. Often in dreams icicles can appear to hang in a certain fashion - it is the pattern that is important as much as the icicle itself. We may be aware that we are having problems with our environment and that it is not supporting it in a way we would expect - thereby creating difficulties. You might also like to consult the entries for Thaw, Water and Winter.