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Interpretation of dream: Hunt

An extremely old symbolism of the hunter or huntsman is linked with death, particularly a death containing an aspect of ritual killing or sacrifice. This 'making sacred' and an understanding of the process of ritualized killing is part of the spiritual journey. To dream of being a huntsman alerts us to the part of ourselves that can be destructive and vicious. To dream that we are hunting, denotes that we are seeking or pursuing some inner desire, either emotional or physical. We may be looking for a solution to a problem. Dreaming of being hunted is mostly taken to be to do with our sexuality. To dream of a hunt is to register the necessity for a change of state in everyday life. To be hunting a boar, for instance, could have two interpretations: firstly, to eradicate the boring parts of our lives, and secondly, to root out the uncouth part of our personality. Other animals will have their own symbolism. In a mans dream the hunter pursuing his quarry is an image drawn from chivalrous times and epitomizes his struggle for his ladys favour. In a womans dream she will become the hunted one. You might also like to consult the entries for Animals, Chase/Chased, Kill and Sacrifices.