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Interpretation of dream: Hourglass

The hourglass measures time and is a spiritual symbol for the length of our physical lives. In former times, the hourglass was frequently taken as a symbol of death. More properly it is now seen as a measurement of the passage of life. When we are particularly under stress, we can be overly aware of the running out of time; that it can become an enemy. This is often symbolized in dreams as an hourglass. It is probably from the hourglass that we get the word deadline; when the sand runs out the energy has gone. In dreams, time is irrelevant. To experience something that measures time is often to alert us to the need for measuring our thoughts and activities. When such a symbol is old-fashioned - as in an hourglass - our perception of time and its management may be old-fashioned. We need to use different, and more precise, ways of measuring those activities. You might also like to consult the entries for Sand and Time.