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Interpretation of dream: Hot

Spiritual passion is a deeply held feeling. It can be experienced in a dream as a feeling of warmth and can symbolize unconditional love. We can afford to move positively in search of this heat. Psychologically, feelings of cheerfulness and hopefulness can create an awareness of warmth and can be interchangeable. Occasionally, extreme emotion can be interpreted as a physical feeling - so anger, jealousy or other such feelings can be experienced as heat. Encountering something as hot which should be cold - for example, ice - indicates that we are perhaps having difficulty and experiencing confusion in sorting out our feelings. Pleasurable feelings can be translated in dreams to a physical feeling of heat or warmth. To dream of being hot indicates warm - or perhaps passionate - feelings. To be conscious of the fact that our surroundings are hot indicates that we are loved and cared for. Consult the entries for Emotions and Ice/Icebergs/Icicles for further clarification.