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Interpretation of dream: Hospital

A healing environment where things can be brought into a state of balance is signified by a hospital. Spiritually it symbolizes a safe environment, where the energy that we need is available to us. Dreaming of being in a hospital as a patient may be mentally creating a transition period between something that has not gone well, and an improved attitude where things can get better. To dream of visiting someone in hospital indicates that there is an imbalance or depletion in us, is 'dis-eased' and needs attending to in order to give us clarity. Depending on our attitude to hospitals, when one appears in a dream it can either represent a place of safety, or a place where our very being is threatened and we become vulnerable. Taken as a place of healing, it represents that aspect within ourselves that knows when respite is necessary from cares and troubles - when we can allow ourselves to be cared for and nurtured and put back into one piece. If we find hospitals threatening, it may be that we are conscious of the fact that we have to 'let go', to put ourselves at the mercy of others and allow things to happen for us, in order that a situation can be improved. You might also like to consult the entries for Doctor, Ill/Illness, Nurse/Nursing and Operation.