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Interpretation of dream: Horns

In a spiritual sense, because horns are associated with the head, they represent intellectual as well as supernatural power. Because they rise above the head, they also symbolize Divinity and the power of the soul. The Horn of Plenty or cornucopia symbolizes gifts from the Gods. The Gate of Horn was a classical concept - dreams that passed through this portal were said to be terrifying but true. Horns in a dream suggest superiority, either earned or conferred. It is interesting that horns are supposed to bestow the powers of the animal on the wearer. In Pagan times, as well as some tribes today, the donning of horns signifies a particularly senior position within the tribe. Often the wearer is a shaman who, through dreams, can connect with other realms. In Chinese medicine, rhinoceros horn is reputed to be an aphrodisiac. This is possibly because of its association with masculine power. All of these significances, as we become more aware, can appear in dreams. Horns appearing in dreams hark back to the idea of the animal in the human. The god Pan, who represents sexuality as well as life force, wore horns and will appear in dreams as we become more aware of the power of nature. A musical or hunting horn suggests a call to action or a warning in dreams. Protectiveness is also a quality of horns since the male animal will use his horns to protect his territory. You might also like to consult the entries for Animals, Antlers, Cornucopia, Gate and Shaman.