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Interpretation of dream: Hood

The hood represented all things hidden and therefore came to represent death and, by association, invisibility. It would now indicate that certain aspects of spiritual knowledge are held invisible until the time is right. Traditionally, for a woman to be wearing a hood in dreams suggested that she was keeping her motives hidden and may have been being deceitful. It still largely has this symbolism today. If a man is wearing a hood, it suggests that he is withdrawing his energy from a situation. Equally, in its more advanced sense, the hooded figure of a monk can indicate the more reflective side of us as it begins to become more evident in our everyday lives. A figure wearing a hood in a dream will always appear to be slightly menacing. While not necessarily being evil, there may be a part of us that has been threatened. The hood can also represent that part of ourselves that, if withdrawn, is creating a problem. An aspect of our personality may be invisible to us and may need to be uncovered in order for us to function in an acceptable fashion. Consult the entries for Hat in Clothes, Monk and Veil for further information.