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Interpretation of dream: Home

Spiritually, home always represents sanctuary - a place where we can feel safe and be ourselves without fear of reprisal. Literally, in dreams we are inside ourselves and home signifies this spiritual state. Spiritualists and those who believe in an afterlife often speak of death as 'going home', but this should not be seen as a precognitive dream. Dreaming of a safe environment such as our own home, or sometimes a parental one, suggests that we have the opportunity to integrate learned behaviour with primary personality traits - those qualities with which we are born. The human being's primary needs of shelter, warmth and nourishment are initially met (or not) within the home, so a dream about a home on a mundane level suggests a known environment or set of standards - comfortable or otherwise. To enhance the interpretation of the dream consult the entries for House in Buildings and this section, Parent in Family and Shelter.