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Interpretation of dream: Hollow

Any hollow article tends to represent the feminine. Hollowness can indicate a lack of motivation, particularly on our spiritual journey. Hollowness can come across in a dream in several ways. We can be conscious that we are in a hollow state - reaching an understanding of the Abyss or Void, or of being hollow inside - devoid of emotion. We are in a position where nothing is happening, where we do not feel in control and need to reassert our control of the scope we have been given. Dreaming of feeling hollow connects with our feelings of emptiness, lack of purpose and inability to find a direction in our lives. To dream of being in a hollow in a field would indicate that we need some kind of protection from what is going on around us in our ordinary everyday life. In a womans dream hollowness may simply be highlighting her ability to be pregnant. In a man's dream hollowness may signify a sense of inadequacy. You might also like to consult the entries for Abyss, Empty, Hole, Jar and Vase.