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Interpretation of dream: Hole

A round hole traditionally represents the Heavens, a square hole represents the Earth. This symbolism arises from the very simple representations developed to present complex ideas. A hole in the roof of any sacred building, or any hole which allows steam or smoke to escape, is the opening upwards to the celestial world and is the door or gateway to other dimensions. A hole in dreams can very often represent the feminine and the emptiness one feels as one moves towards an understanding of the Self. Without access to the vastness of the heavens - and as central heating, living in flats and in conurbations becomes more commonplace - we tend to feel more and more enclosed and less in touch with the natural order of things. A hole usually represents a difficult or tricky situation. It can also be a place where we may hide, or feel protected in. To dream of falling into a hole indicates that we are perhaps getting in touch with our unconscious feelings, urges and fears. To walk round a hole suggests we may need to get round a tricky situation. We may also need to become aware of the other parts of ourselves that are buried beneath our surface awareness. Consult Circle in the Shapes/Patterns, Door, Gate and Hollow for more information.