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Interpretation of dream: Hinge

A hinge initially meant the Axis of the Earth - that which kept everything stable. Any object in dreams that has two parts to it tends to represent the links between the spiritual and physical realms; a hinge particularly symbolizes that link. Neither part works efficiently without the other. From an emotional perspective a hinge signifies our primary emotions upon which everything hang. A broken hinge in dreams suggests that we are quite literally 'unhinged' - not able to function properly emotionally. In some ways a hinge has the same significance on a practical level as a hook. In dreams if a hinge is prominent we probably need to look at what the transition stages are between tasks. Too small a hinge on a door, for instance, suggests that planning is defective. A large or ornate hinge would suggest that the actual transition itself is an integral part of the process. In both mens and womens dreams a hinge can represent a relationship with the opposite sex. The left hand side may represent the feminine and the right the masculine. Consult the entries for Door and Hook for further clarification.