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Interpretation of dream: Hill

A hill in dreams suggests that extra effort is needed in order to achieve the perception necessary for us to continue to progress spiritually. To be climbing a hill in the company of others often indicates that we have a common goal, that a journey we possibly thought was ours alone is actually connected with other people. We can use their knowledge and comradeship to enable us to reach where we are the best we can be. To dream that we are going downhill would indicate we feel that circumstances are pushing us in a certain direction. We may be moving from a level of attainment and now feel that - with relaxation of effort - we are not so much in control of our own abilities. To be on top of a hill in dreams - and therefore high up - indicates that we have become aware of our own expanded perception. We have made an effort to achieve something and are able to survey the results of what we have done, to assess the effect on our environment and the people around us. We have achieved those things that we previously thought impossible and are able to undertake further tasks in the light of the knowledge we have attained. You might also like to consult the entry for Mountain.