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Interpretation of dream: Hexagram

When spiritually we attempt to reconcile two energies the spiritual and the physical, or the active and the passive we may experience that union in dreams in the form of patterns. One significant group of patterns are the hexagrams, said to have been discovered on a tortoise shell by an ancient Chinese sage. A hexagram consists of six lines and symbolizes the union of the spiritual and physical worlds. Technically, according to the Chinese system of I-Ching, the hexagram is a figure of six lines on top of one another. Broadly, the three at the top represent the spiritual world and the three at the bottom the physical. These two forces unite together and seem to exert a profound influence in the ordinary world. In dreams the hexagram provides a diagram of how the two forces come together and with study can help us to live our lives successfully. In the ordinary world we frequently become aware that two energies combined are far more powerful than each individually. When we need a boost in energy our dreams will often give directives as to how to do this. The hexagrams are a potent image both in dreams and for meditation. Yang is the masculine or active principle that controls Heaven, the days activities, the Suns heat, action and hardness. Yin is the feminine more passive aspect that controls the Earth, the night's mystery, the cool Moon, softness and stillness. In both mens and womens dreams, when a hexagram appears some kind of balance is being established.