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Interpretation of dream: Hero

The hero is the spiritual archetype who shows courage in adversity and determination in the carrying out of his duties. He was initially a defender or protector. The hero sets out on his quest or journey knowing that he will undergo trials and tribulations that will have him mature from a youth to a man. In dreams, aspects of that process - such as the knight's conflict with the dragon or the witch - will often appear. The heroine or princess is the counterpart of the hero and has a similar journey to under go albeit in a somewhat more emotional way. In todays world a hero is considered to be anyone who is held up to public acclaim. This would suggest that it is the quality of determination that has become important and would, therefore, have him become an icon to others. In a womans dream a hero will largely appear as a protector and as an aspect of her Animus. As she herself moves towards autonomy she will develop the qualities of bravery required by the heroine. The Princess will appear in a mans dream as an aspect of his Anima, whereas the hero will allow him to acknowledge his maturity. Consult the entries for Animus and Anima in the Introduction, Celebrity, Icon, Knight and Quest for further clarification.