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Interpretation of dream: Hermaphrodite

Spiritually this represents the Divine union or sacred marriage and suggests the masculine and feminine aspects of God united in perfect balance. It is the balance sought by all alchemists, and is an image that occurs in dreams as we become more spiritually proficient. As we grow and mature, we begin to understand that certain behaviour is appropriate or acceptable. This may mean that other natural emotions, reactions and sensitivities are suppressed and can surface as difficulties later on in life as we search for autonomy. These may cause us a great deal of confusion and can be perceived in dreams as hermaphrodism, with either the masculine or feminine attributes becoming noticeable. When we dream of a hermaphrodite, we may be having uncertainties about our ability to adjust to the roles usually played by our own sex or about our own individual gender profile. Interestingly, as we learn and understand more about ourselves, we attempt to achieve a balance between the logical and the sensitive sides of our nature. This can appear as hermaphrodism in a dream as we sort ourselves out. You might also like to consult the entries for Alchemy, Balance and Sex.