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Interpretation of dream: Hearth

The hearth is considered to be the centre, or heart, of the home. Hestia, goddess of the hearth and the sacred fire, was a virgin goddess so spiritually her domain signifies the Anima, that part of ourselves which guards the feminine spirit. We may be, or need to be, linking with our passionate wilder nature - the seat of our passions. This is not in a confrontational way, however, but gently, as a hearth needs to be tended properly in order for the fire to burn brightly but safely. To dream of a hearth or fireplace is to recognize the need for security and nurturing. This may be of two different types. One is knowing that the home, our place of existence, is secure. The other is recognizing the security of the inner self, the interior feminine which gives warmth and stability. The hearth in a woman's dream will suggest her own domesticity and gentleness, whereas in a man's dream it will be more to do with the feminine in his life and his motivation to provide security. Consult the entries for Fire, Goddess/Goddesses and Home for further clarification.