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Interpretation of dream: Hearse

A hearse will always symbolize an ending of some sort, not necessarily death itself but the carrying away of material or physical aspects of life for we no longer need them. We may be aware that a part of ourselves is no longer 'alive' and it is better to let it go rather than resurrect it. In an emotional sense a hearse signifies a legitimate period of mourning for something that is dead and gone. A relationship may have come to an end, or we need closure in a matter that could affect our future. To dream of a hearse indicates that we recognize that a time limit has been imposed, either on ourselves or on a project we are connected with. It is coming to a natural conclusion and we need to have regard to our feelings about such finality in order to understand ourselves. In that following the hearse was once a mans prerogative, such a dream will signify his acceptance of death or change. For a woman, a hearse may signify her innate and intimate connection with the processes of death itself. Consult the entries for Coffin, Dead People, Death, Funeral, Mourning and Wake for further clarification.