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Interpretation of dream: Harvest

Any kind of a harvest represents fruitfulness and fertility, particularly spiritual, and most systems of belief choose to acknowledge the gathering of a harvest. Summer and the feeling of warmth and happiness it generates are connected with spiritual progress. As harvesting become more mechanized we lose our connection with the community spirit it once engendered. To be taking part in a harvest, or perhaps a harvest festival, indicates that we are celebrating our own life energy - that energy we all have available to us. Happy memories and good feelings may be represented in dreams by stereotyped romantic scenarios such as the hayfield when those feelings need to be reproduced. To be dreaming about a harvest indicates that we will reap the rewards of previous care we have taken. We are able to work hard, and in working hard we take care of the future. So, to dream of a harvest can actually have two meanings. It can mean looking back into the past and reaping the rewards, or it can mean looking towards the future in order to use what has happened previously. In previous times, for many the hayfield represented fun, relaxation and irresponsibility. Nowadays it is more likely to represent irritation - as in hay fever - and an unknown quality. In a womans dream harvest time suggests the realization of a dream. For a man it may suggest prosperity, though not without hard work and some element of sacrifice. You might also like to consult the entries for Countryside, Food, Grass and Places.