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Interpretation of dream: Harness

Spiritually, we need to harness our energy. This means using what we have available in the most efficient way possible. When we have done this, we are then able to control the more wayward side of our personality. To harness something is to make it usable in a controlled fashion, so in dreams to be aware of this type of control implies that emotional restraint is necessary to enable the correct things to happen. As a horse is controlled by a harness, so our emotions can be used constructively.Like the halter, the harness indicates some form of control or restraint. It may be that we are actually being restrained by our own limitations, or that we are being controlled by external circumstances. To be wearing a harness often takes us back to periods in childhood when we were not allowed the freedom we would have liked. You might also like to consult the entries for Bridle, Bonds, Chains, Halter and Horse for further information.