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Interpretation of dream: Harem

Any group of women appearing in dreams will signify femininity in one form or another and often the many facets of femininity. A harem will therefore symbolize the Great Mother in her more playful aspects. It will depend on whether we can relate to a particular person in the scenario for a deeper interpretation. The harem may be representative of the feminine aspects of our personality and one dream character may come to the fore more than the others. In a work situation a group of female colleagues can bond in a way that gives the appearance of a harem. While bowing to authority, there is also a connection between the women that gives a degree of solidarity. Dreaming of a harem can give information that helps to deal with the dynamics of the relationships. For a man to dream that he is in a harem shows that he is struggling to come to terms with the complexities of the feminine nature. For a woman to have the same dream shows that she is understanding her own flamboyant and sensual nature. On a different level, she is recognizing her need to belong to a group of women - a sisterhood. Also consult the Female Archetypes and Great Mother in the Introduction.