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Interpretation of dream: Harass

A sense of harassment from a spiritual perspective suggests some kind of compulsion. The drive will come from external sources rather than internal. When pressure is put on us emotionally, the feeling may be exaggerated in dreams to a sense of harassment, behaviour which is offensive to us. We may dream of stalkers or being hunted. Stress is one of the biggest disturbers of dreams and sleep. It can translate into dreams of harassment, for instance being worried or jumped on by a dog. Once the cause is identified it can be dealt with by confronting the dog image either in the dream or in a waking visualization. To be harassed in a dream by the opposite sex suggests that a man must pay attention to his softer side and a woman to her more assertive aspects. By a figure of the same sex suggests that a better balance needs to be established between the Archetypes. The dream character will usually indicate what needs attention. Consult the entry for Hunt/Hunting/Huntsman as well as the information on Archetypes in the Introduction for further clarification.