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Interpretation of dream: Hang

Suppression of an inclination towards the spiritual may be evident. This will prevent us from moving forward, so it will be as well to find the root cause of our difficulty. It may originate in a bad religious experience or from family pressure. If we are conscious in our dream of something hanging up, there may be word association, in that literally there is a 'hang up' in our lives. If something is hanging over us, then we are feeling threatened by circumstances around us. To be watching a hanging suggests a sense of insecurity. If there are a large number of people present, our reputation may be at stake. Hanging is a violent act against a person, therefore if we are present at a hanging we are being party to some kind of unpleasantness and perhaps should reconsider our actions. If we ourselves are being hanged, we are being warned of some difficulty ahead. Consult the entries for Knot, Noose and Rope.