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Interpretation of dream: Hammer

The hammer is a symbol of the old Forge gods such as Thor and Vulcan and with a head of iron is a symbol of craftsmanship and good work. When the hammer is a double-sided one known as the labrys it signifies justice and vengeance. It was used by the Amazons, a race of warrior women, and has been adopted as a symbol by some gay women. In dreams the hammer will signify the judicial application of force rather than out-and-out aggression. Haephestos, a Greek Forge god, crafted beautiful artefacts for his fellow gods with the use of the hammer. Dreaming of hammers or blunt instruments highlights the more aggressive and masculine side of our nature. There may be the feeling that there is an aspect of our personality that needs crafting or shaping if we are to function effectively. In a womans dream the hammer may signify masculine authority, though in a mans dream it will be more to do with his creativity. The labrys may appear when we are attempting to balance the various drives and motivations we have. Consult the entries for Labyrinth and Mallet for additional information.