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Interpretation of dream: Halter

We may be experiencing some spiritual restraint and should take time consciously to consider what it is that we require spiritually. When we are moving into new areas of growth we sometimes need to be shown the way, and the halter is a symbol of this leading forward into new creativity. We are, as it were, being led and shown what we need to see. The halter shares the symbolism of bonds, since under normal circumstances it often controls the head. We are dreaming about reining back on the intellect, instead of allowing our creative energy to flow freely. We are not allowing ourselves the freedom to create to the best of our ability. The halter usually represents restriction of one form or another, although interestingly enough it may indicate restriction that is tolerated by the wearer. You might also like to consult the entries for Bonds, Bridle, Chains and Harness for further information.