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Interpretation of dream: Halo

The force field - or electro-magnetic energy - that emanates from each of us has a particular quality in those who have undertaken to develop themselves spiritually. To the clairvoyant eye it can appear as a type of mother-of-pearl radiance, which seems to be brightest around the head and forms a halo. The charisma that many world and spiritual leaders have is felt by many, and can be experienced as a sort of cloudy radiance. This 'nimbus' is usually slightly more subtle - and therefore more far-reaching - than the ordinary persons aura; the halo, particularly when it is seen in dreams, is an intensification of this energy. In religious pictures it is the convention to picture this divin radiance around Christ-like or saintly people as the halo. As an archetypal image, therefore, when seen in dreams we can accept the presence of a spiritual power. You might also like to consult the entries for Angel and Mystic to enhance your understanding.