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Interpretation of dream: Hag

The hag or crone is a representation of the Wise Woman, someone who has with age achieved wisdom through understanding her own feminine traits. In dreams, the hag is variously the cantankerous old woman or that aspect of femininity that aspires to use intuition and understanding for the benefit of her community. If the former, we need to come to terms with what appears to make her cantankerous in the dream - pain or disillusionment perhaps. If the latter, then the Greek goddess Hecate, as keeper of the crossroads, is worth studying. In the everyday world when we are struggling to come to terms with what appears to be interference in our affairs, the hag will appear in dreams. In a womans dream the hag will manifest either as mentor and friend or as a judgemental personality. In a mans dream she will tend to be more of a figure of fear. In the Heros journey he must overcome his fear and gain her blessing. Consult the entries for Goddess/Goddesses and Witch for further clarification.