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Interpretation of dream: Gun

The symbolism here reverts to a basic attribute ? that of overt masculinity and a strong degree of aggression. Such an attribute can be a positively spiritual one in that Truth is incontrovertible and has to be dealt with. It will depend on the other circumstances in the dream how we interpret the use of a gun. We may be using it to protect those things we feel are important to us. Particularly in todays climate of criminal culture, a gun can be seen as a badge of honour and in dreams may signify arrogance and power. When under pressure in waking life, the gun in dreams can signify a particularly aggressive action and the result of that aggression. Obviously it can also signify both the actual sexual act and the result. If a woman is firing a gun she is aware of the masculine, aggressive side of her personality. If she is being shot at she perhaps feels threatened by overt signs of aggression or sexuality. For a man to be being shot suggests conflict which may, in fact, be territorial. You might also like to consult the entries for Injure/Injury, Shot, Wound and Weapons.