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Interpretation of dream: Guillotine

A guillotine represents a severance of some kind in dreams. Since it severs the head from the body, it suggests that we may have become severed from our spiritual sources. From an emotional perspective, a guillotine indicates that there is the potential for us to lose contact with the part of ourselves that is capable of love, or, in reality, with someone we love. A short, sharp shock in our lives may cause severe disruption. A guillotine in a dream indicates an irrational aspect in our personality, which is trying to queer our pitch. We may be afraid of losing self-control in an everyday situation, or of having part of our personality amputated. We could be aware of an injury to our person or to our dignity. You might like to consult the entries for Amputation, Execute, Injure/Injury Weapon and Wound for further clarification.