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Interpretation of dream: Grave

Spiritually, we may fear not just physical death but also its consequences, particularly if we have no particular belief in the after-life. Dreaming of a grave is an indication that we must have regard for our feelings about, or our concept of, death. A grave may signify the loss of emotion or of feeling. Part of our personality may, quite literally, have been killed off, or is dead and buried to the outside world. Such a dream may also be attempting to deal with our feelings about someone who has died. Falling into a grave is an old symbol for initiation. Digging a grave suggests that we need closure over an aspect of everyday life; it may mean that we can go no further with a particular task. Pushing someone into a grave signifies some very negative feelings, which need to be consciously dealt with and not buried. You might also like to consult the entries for Burial, Coffin, Dead People, Death, Funeral and Initiation.