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Interpretation of dream: Grail

The Holy Grail was thought to be the cup used at The Last Supper and to have contained the blood of Christ. The search for it has, from a spiritual perspective, become part of the Hero?s Quest on his journey of self-discovery. Often in dreams it represents the achievement of spiritual success, but can also represent the cup of happiness or fulfilment. The Holy Grail, as a chalice or goblet, is such a strong mythical image that in dreams it can appear as something miraculous, something that fulfils our wish and allows us to move forward into our full potential. We are searching for something that we may feel at this particular moment is unattainable, but that, by putting ourselves through various tests, we may eventually reach. | The Grail appearing in a dream would indicate that we can expect some form of satisfaction and change to occur within our lives. For our own peace of mind we need to sort out truth from fiction for ourselves and use such an image to help us toward success. Consulting the entries for Camelot, Chalice, Goblet, Knight and Quest will enhance your understanding.