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Interpretation of dream: Gossip

Gossip, in the sense of needless chatter might be called spiritual 'static'. When we are developing spiritually we can become rather like badly tuned radios and can pick up needless information. Within the framework of personal development there is often what could be called the 'gossip' in the background - the chatterbox - that which is part of our personality but which prevents us from moving away from previously held ideas and behaviour. Thus, to be gossiping in a dream may mean that we have to complete certain actions before moving on. To be gossiping in a dream can mean that we are spreading information, but in a way that is not necessarily appropriate. To be in a group of people and listening to gossip generally means that we are looking for some kind of information, but perhaps do not have the ability to achieve it for ourselves. We have to use other people to enable us to achieve the correct level of information. Consult the entry for Talking for further information.