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Interpretation of dream: Goggles

We may be covering up, or denying, the existence of negativity. The eyes are believed to be the seat of the soul and to reflect our inner feelings. In todays climate of androgynous dressing, goggles and sunglasses in dreams can appear both menacing and in some cases reflective. We must therefore decide whether we are intimidated or intrigued. If we are wearing goggles our vision of the future may be impaired in some way. Goggles in a dream can have the same significance as spectacles and a mask. The meaning can be ambivalent since goggles can be used either to cover up the eyes or to enable us to see events occurring around us better. Under most circumstances it can be taken as the latter, but the dream image of goggles may indicate the protective shield that we may need in real life. For a woman to dream that she meets a man with goggles formerly meant that she could not trust that man to be honest with her. It can still have the same significance today. In a man?s dream, to be wearing goggles suggests that some important matter is being hidden. You might also like to consult the entries for Glasses/Spectacles and Mask.