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Interpretation of dream: Goddess

Spiritually, a woman is able to make intuitive links with the essential aspects of her own personality. She then achieves a greater understanding of her own make-up, and is able to use all facets of her being within her normal everyday life. Sophia (meaning 'Wisdom') is a personalization of an aspect of the Divine. There are many goddess figures in all cultures. There are those perceived as being destructive, such as Kali, Bast and Lilith, and also beneficent ones such as Athena and Hermia. Dreaming of goddesses from various cultures connects us with our archetypal images of femininity. In the waking state, it is the sense of mystery - of a shared secret - which is such an intangible force within the womans psyche. This enables women to create a sisterhood or network among themselves in order to bring about a common aim. To dream about goddesses, therefore, is to accept our right to initiation into this group. In a womans dream a goddess will clarify both the connection through the unconscious that exists between all women and female creatures and which particular archetypal aspect of femininity she favours. In a mans dream the goddess figure signifies all that a man fears in the concept of female power. It usually also gives an insight into his earliest view of femininity through his experience of his mother. For further clarification consult the information on Archetypes and Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction.