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Interpretation of dream: God

Spiritually, we are aware of a greater power (the Divine). Christian belief holds to one God, although manifesting in three forms - Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Other religions attribute the powers to various Gods. As we grow in understanding, we can appreciate the relevance of both monotheistic and polytheistic beliefs and can begin to understand God as an all-pervading energy. The powerful emotions we sometimes experience may be connected with our tremendous childhood need for love and parental approval. Often these emotions can be personalized and recognized in the figures of gods from the numerous belief systems around the world. When we dream of God we are acknowledging to ourselves that there is a higher power in charge. We connect with all humanity and, therefore, have a right to a certain set of moral beliefs. We all have needs for love and approval, which can only be met through our understanding of our childhood. In a womans dream, dreaming of the gods will help her to understand various aspects of her own personality. In a man?s dream he is linking with his own masculinity and his sense of belonging to himself, and therefore to the rest of humanity. For further clarification consult the information on Archetypes and Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction.