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Interpretation of dream: Goal

Our spiritual aspirations are being highlighted. If we are aware of our goal then we can make tremendous inroads towards attainment. The dream image is not then just a pictorial representation, but can be used as a visualization of our success. To set life goals - or to be conscious of doing this in a dream - indicates that we are in touch with our own internal sense of our ability to achieve. The external is often a reflection of the internal, and goals can indicate that we instinctively know how much - and what - we are capable of doing. To dream of scoring a goal may indicate that we have set ourselves external targets. In achieving those targets we may also recognize that the goals we have set ourselves in life are either short-term or long-term and we may need to adjust them in some way. To miss a goal or target indicates that we have not taken all the circumstances within a situation into account and need, perhaps, to reassess our abilities to achieve. You might like to consult the entry for Target for additional clarification.