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Interpretation of dream: Gloom

Gloom usually indicates the presence of negative feelings, which will be dissipated as we become more spiritually aware. Light and lightness are symbolic of spirituality, so the opposite can suggest a movement - whether involuntary or otherwise - towards emotional distress. If in dreams we find ourselves enclosed in gloom while others appear to be in the light, we may be being warned of an aspect of depression that is affecting us, but not affecting them. Conversely if we are in light while other people are in shadow we may have information that will help them to enhance their lives. Gloom is less pervasive than darkness, so if it is around in a dream, it can indicate difficulty in being able to see or comprehend things from an external viewpoint. There may be negativity around in waking life of which we have to be aware in order to be able to dispel it - to create light and clarity - so that we can make progress. Also consult the entries for Dark/Darkness and Light.